This was by far the most challenging module for me.

I find Maya extremely difficult and this module was extremely maya heavy. Despite how stressful it was I have enjyed it a lot.

I enjoyed the research task where I was reminded of the reason why I wanted to be an animator. To be able to create beautoful models and beautoful landscapes.

The Foating City tas really pushedmy ljmited Maya knowledge. However, I learnt a lot of new techniques during that assignment, from modelling techniques and texturing to camer amovement and rendering. This project was exciting to work on.

My least favourite assignment was the head model, however this was due to the haste I was in to get it done. I failed with first several models, and my finished model is far from perfect. However for my first attempt at modelling a head, I am extremely proud of it. The topology is another story. I actually found it relaxing in the beginning, but I beloeve that my lack of knowledge about why models get retoplogised hindered my ability to retopologise my own model.

Overall, this module has definitley been the most challenging module. It was a constant uphill struggle, however I truly enjoyed it. I beleive that I have learnt a lot from this module, as well as having information about myself revelaed to me. I know I have a lot to work on over summer. And I’m really looking forward to learning all of it.

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