Character Finalization and Scenery Beginnings

Today we met and finalized the designs for the remaining four characters.

Rose‘s design of Greed stands a four heads tall, with long arms for grabbing a lot of stuff at once. A hoarder, with a lecherous grin, they think with their head and therefore glows from their head too. Adorned with trinkets, despite their height they make an intimidating creature.

My drawing of Rose’s design

Glenn‘s design of Sloth is slumped over and tired. Long arms which drag along the ground and sleepy eyes represent these creatures laziness. They glow from their stomach, as they do not exercise or physically exert themselves causing their round silhouettes. Standing at five heads tall their sleepy appearance makes them look weak and cowardly.

My drawing of Glenn’s design

Carla‘s design for Pride gains an extra head from the sheer size of their crown- I mean, crystal. Their final height is eight heads, with their skin forming a cloak, they often wield a staff in order to exert their prowess. Puffed up with Pride, their glow comes from their chest which is exposed and bright. They look down on others, yet intimidate the taller creatures from their sheer egotistical nature.

My drawing of Carla’s design

Finally my design for Envy stands at nine heads tall, with their horns giving them an extra head. Snake like and deceitful, their crystals form a head around their neck similar to that of a Cobra’s. Despite being the tallest, they belittle those around them, using brash communication and demeaning actions, therefore their glow emits from their horns as they are difficult to approach.

My Envy design

Our final silhouetted line up looks like so:


We then began to discuss how our creatures would communicate and came up with the idea of Morse code. They would blink their glows in a way to form the words and shapes of their language.


They will also absorb light through their crystals.

We decided that our planet should be dying, the sun shall be a red giant, so the light is dimmer, and too hot, which is why they live in domes. We also suggested that the world have a lower gravity field. It is small and hollow thus there would not be much gravity anyway.

We decided that over the weekend we shall explore landscapes and composition. Some of the artists and other items that we suggested to each other to look at, not only for landscape ideas but for tonal as well:

Steven Universe (backgrounds), Gurren Lagan (Underground), Roger Dean, Limbo, Matt Nava, Niken Anindita, The Lord of the Rings, Atey Ghailan, Seth Engstrom, Mirror Mask, Bioshock, The Rendezvous, Sleep Dealer (Nozomi Hope), The Tale of Three Brothers, Ico and light box art.

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A New Team and a New View

Today started a new day where I had to explain and introduce Light World to a new team. My new team consists of Rose, Carla and Glenn.

Due to having an underdeveloped world, in terms of landscapes and still needing four more character designs I struggled a little with explaining the world. However, my team grew to understand through my use of my sketchbook and the notes I had made the previous week.

Our task this week is tonal work. We are to explore tone and composition using white, black and three mid tones. The advice that we were given that really stood out to me was, knowing when things are hard or soft, using warm and cool tones as separate levels, how to show the light source of your world,  and to think about how the image and lighting that you are using bring life to your world.

Since, we needed to develop the world’s story through characters, we decided to each choose one of the remaining sins and design a character for it in a similar style to each other, using the shape guidelines set out by the previous group and myself. Glenn choose Sloth, Carla choose Pride, Rose choose Greed and I choose Envy. We shall meet again on Thursday to start discussing scenery and begin tonal exploration.

Basic shapes


Character Designs and Final Line Up

Today marked the final day of our teams before we got split up so we decided to finalise our four character designs. Two common themes we wished for each character to have were: the bigger the crystal the higher up in society they are and that there is no real difference in appearance between the genders, so all beings are androgynous.

We decided on using my design for Lust as we liked the ambiguity and elegant simplicity of the shapes and details that we had added. Lust is 6 heads tall, glows from the groin, has cat like eyes,  translucent skin and a scarf which barely covers more delicate areas.

My design for Lust

We used Clare‘s design for Gluttony as we loved the jolly, plump appearance, yet the lack of clothing shows the creatures vanity. Gluttony is 7 heads tall, glows from the belly, has smiling eyes, is too fat to be translucent and a scarf which covers nothing, they are proud of their body.

A drawing of Gluttony based after Clare’s Design

We decided on Nuala‘s design for Wrath as we liked how war-like a complex the design was whilst retaining a blunt simplicity to the drawing style. Wrath is 8 heads tall, glows from the head, armour hides their translucent skin with a sash tied around their waist, has serious eyes and carries weapons, including a shield and flag.

A drawing of Nuala’s Wrath Design


Last but not least, we decided on David‘s design for the Underground people, we loved how small and helpless they looked in the line up in comparison to the other civilians and loved the contrast in their clothing. The Underground character is 4 heads tall, glows all over, looks down constantly, is bandaged to hide its deformed charred skin, they have no crystals and have lost eyes.

A drawing of David’s Outsider Design

I feel that we have worked very well together, coming up with a new world and four solid character designs, which look similar in art style and in appearance. I look forward to seeing what comes next for our group and this world.

A silhouette


Shapes and Beginning Designs

Today we met up to start building and designing our characters after having finalized our world’s concept.

Character designs (Blue are mine, red are Nuala’s)

Going with the theme of the seven colours we decided to look at the Seven Deadly Sins and relate a colour to each of them. This would give us a basis on which to build our characters on:

Red (Wrath): Anger, Passion, Fire, Power, Blood, Courage

Orange (Gluttony): Joy, Sunshine, Tropical, Enthusiasm, Determination, Attraction, Hot, Fall, Healthiness

Yellow (Greed): Sunshine, Joy, Happiness, Intellect and Energy, Warming, Unstable, Spontaneous

Green (Envy): Naive, Growth, Fresh, Fertility, Money, Stability, Safety, Jealousy

Blue (Sloth): Calm, Depth and Stability, Loyalty, Confidence, Heaven, Tranquility

Indigo (Lust): Intuition, Perception and the Higher Mind, Powerful, Dignified

Violet (Pride): Nobility, Luxury, Extravagance, Wisdom, Mystery, Peace, Dignity, Grandeur

With these qualities in mind we began to think about their appearances:

Wrath: Sharp, Top Heavy, Angry, Headstrong, Glow from head, Crystals are sharp and carries weapons, Bones

Lust: Hourglass, Sway, Runway, Seductive, Sleek edges, Vain, Silk, Glow from groin

Gluttony: Fat, Circle, Little legs, Bellies, Very little clothing, Most glow from stomach, Arched back

Sloth: Hunched over, crystals are sliding, Comma shape, Dragging, Glow from stomach

Envy: Crystals glow from neck, Tallest, Snake-like, Gangly Limbs, Sharp

Greed: Big Chest, Long Arms, Tall, Threatening, Soft, Small legs, Bull/Gorilla, Glow from Head

Pride: Straight back, Short, Wrath, Confident, Tall crytsal, Can glow from chest or head.

You may have noticed that I have only mentioned the civilians of the seven domes thus far, the underground characters are different. Having been shunned from society and cast away due to their mutations, their design was interesting to think about:

Underground: Charred bones, Translucent skin, Covered up, Glow from all over, Multicoloured glow, Bandages, Loss of limbs

We have also come up with basic shapes for each character. We have decided to take four of the eight characters and create concept art and a line up of these four characters. The characters we decided on were: Wrath, Gluttony, Lust and Underground. I also suggested several artists, shows and games for inspiration:

Matt Nava (Journey), Rebecca Sugar (Steven Universe), Princess Mononoké, Fran Bow, Mad Max, Tim Burton and Gorillaz.

Basic Shapes

You can view my group’s blogs here:




Changing Teams…and Worlds

Today we were split into different groups, with Rose heading to one group and Nuala and I heading to Light World, whilst Bradley remained at our original idea.

Before Clare, Nuala, David and myself began looking at our new world, of which Clare was an original member, Micheal and Conann gave us a short run down on how to create characters using shapes. Using Disney and well known characters as a reference we were shown how proportions could be exaggerated and details added to simple shapes such as triangles and rectangles could bring a character to life.

Once we had rejoined our groups Conann asked us to draw out our target audience or how we imagined our audience would look if we were to present this idea as a show. Then we were to draw what was in their pockets. Fortunately my group all had the same target in mind, we wanted to create something that could be enjoyed by all ages, however we eventually decided on early adolescents.

Our Audience

Clare told us all about her previous groups concepts and ideas. The main concept we focused on was Clare’s idea of the characters eating light and glowing from the inside out. However, since there was no concrete idea we decided to explore our group’s previous concepts and combine them. At first we thought of having the world completely in darkness, but were met with the problem of how would we design a world and character around this. After much debate we decided to go with a broken egg idea, a world inside a world.

We began to explore how this world would be designed. How would the characters live? What was the landscape like? How would the characters harvest the light in order to eat it?

We decided to look at the design of Cocoon from Final Fantasy 13, the Moon from Assassination Classroom and the Moon from Fallout 4 in order to decide how light would enter the planet. We wanted to create a narrative so we decided to have domes on top of our planet so that our characters could live above the surface, which they were previously unable to do as their skin was so sensitive to the sun and radioactivity. So, the basic design of the world is a planet with a massive crack which light then escapes into and harvested for the characters to eat.

We looked at how the light would be harvested and decided that it would be a good idea to have the white light enter a prism, the prism would then convert the light into seven different colours which would be transported to the civilians in the different domes. The natural light is to strong and radioactive for the creatures and so it is filtered in order to make it manageable for the creatures above the ground.

The narrative of the world is that many years ago the creatures inside the planet deemed themselves too beautiful to be kept underground and so a few brave creatures built seven domes atop the planet for them to live in. However, due to the radiation and strength of their sun’s light the builder creatures became scorched and mutated. Too ugly by their society’s standards to be allowed to live upon the surface, they were forced to remain underground, whilst those still viewed as beautiful live above the ground in the domes so selflessly made. The Underground creatures are in charge of making sure the filtered light reaches each dome. Clare has written the story in a more story book way, pictured below.

The Underground city where the Underground creatures live is inspired by the art of Gurren Lagan. The Underground creatures live in a web of stone with small houses and markets built into the very inner walls of the planet. Bridges of stone connect the houses and levels. They live above the pools of light, close to the prism itself to ensure that it runs smoothly, but are also tasked with keeping each individual pool clean and the pipes working, and so they are lowered like miners in an elevator.

Jeeha Village

Above the ground in the domes are cities of crystal and stone. Made out of mainly organic materials, the cities are created around the natural landscape of the planet, with a singular fountain in the middle being the main source of light energy for that city.

My designs

This is as far as we have gotten with planning so far, and with a general idea of how our world looks and functions, we shall begin character design tomorrow