Exploring Colour

As I am away this weekend and therefore won’t be able to complete work, I decided to explore colour whilst I had the chance.

Using a video that I will link below, I coloured the 8 characters that we have living in our world. However, looking at them now I realise that I may have shown the light wrong by making the centre of the light white and the glow a different colour? However, I will do more research on this at a later date.

I shall not lie I found colour to be very difficult, I am struggling to understand how to use the colour wheel, especially when it comes to rainbow characters such as the outsider. Although I do believe that I can use colour palettes that vary tone instead of block colours. However, I will practice more and believe that this is a good first attempt at colour.

The Outsider was meant to be rainbow, but as you can see I failed and they ended up looking more like a sunset. Sloth is blue, Wrath is red, Envy is green, Lust is Indigo, Greed is yellow, Pride is violet and Gluttony is orange.

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Beginning to look at Colour and more tonal landscapes

Today we had a lecture on colour, and were given artists to look at in order to inspire us as it is difficult to explain what colour is using words.

Although we were told that when using colours we should always think of them as warm and cool tones over light and dark tones, this makes the artwork more dynamic with a greater variety of colours.

The artists we were shown include:

Craig Mullins

I could spend HOURS looking at this artist’s work, the range of work that he has is incredible. His use of warm and cool tones is phenomenal and the composition of his drawings blow me away.

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Atey Ghailan

Atey Ghailan has a very different approach. Their approach is less realistic and a lot more colourful, using brighter and more neon tones in their work, they create surreal and eye catching scenes that are a delight to look at.

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Moebius’ work is very unique, the colours he uses sit opposite each other on the colour wheel yet the way he so carefully composes his drawings allow them to work in harmony instead of clashing.

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Tonight I am going to do some more research on colour. However, I struggled with tonal so I may spend an extra week on tonal, considering that we have been given two weeks for colour.