Photography Final Six Photographs

I have been overrun with coursework recently between Maya, the essay for Yuan and just catching up with work. However, that has not stopped me from trying to actively take photos. Despite my SD card dying, taking a lot of photos with it, and having to return my laptop, that had over 100 new photos on it, I have managed to take a good few photographs for this project.

These are the final six photographs I have decided upon for the six topics:



Colour was a fun theme, bright and eye catching was the way forward for this theme. However, I did struggle with this topic. I would find a lot of the colours difficult to capture on camera, but that has gotten better with time and practice.



Texture was another tricky one to capture. However, once I realised that it was absolutely everywhere pictures became a lot easier to find.



Scale was the hardest one for me. However, due to my short stature and low angle shots I managed to get some fairly decent photos for this theme.



Perspective was the most enjoyable. Experimenting with angles and finding ways of capturing images that look perfect in a weird way was a lot of fun.

Depth of Field


Another enjoyable topic. I believe most scenes and images can become far more interesting when changing the depth of field. It can control the composition of an image. This is why it was such an interesting theme to experiment with.



I found tone difficult because in my mind tone usually goes hand in hand with texture. However, when you combine them you can get some phenomenal shots.

I know that I can do better and so I am going to keep routinely taking photographs wherever I go. However, I love the shots that I have, but I will strive for better results.

On my Flickr account I have created an album where you can see more shots that I believe would be worthy of a place in my top 6, had I not managed to capture the above images.


Photography Project and Explanation

A couple of weeks ago we were assigned a photography project where we had to take 450-600 photographs split between six different topics: Scale, Perspective, Tone, Colour, Depth of Field and Texture. The reason that I have not talked about this project until now was because I lost the majority of my photos which were on my camera. I was stupid and didn’t back up my SD card which led to me losing the majority of my photographs.

So I presented six photos for each topic out of the 60 or so I had on my phone. Whilst reprimanded for my lack of organisation the feedback was not bad.

I shall attempt to take more photos over the coming weeks in order to fill the quota.

Here are the twelve photos I presented today: