This last semester I have participated in a lot of projects and have felt completely and utterly overwhelmed. However, I am not surprised by this. I was expecting a lot of work, and I was on top of it until a few incidents set me back and then it was a mad rush to catch up. However, even though it’s stressful I don’t think I’ve ever had more fun or a more beneficial time in an academic situation.

Having to participate in teams has taught me a lot about communication and role taking. Be sure to dabble in every role, exchange ideas and don’t be afraid to speak out and encourage others to do the same. I was very shy coming into the year, however now I feel I can share my ideas freely and do my part.

Life drawing has seen a subtle yet quick change in the way I draw. I find myself able to draw more dynamic poses in figures, my perspective has improved even if I still struggle with it at times and the ease at which I produce drawings and sketches has increased. I am a perfectionist and as such I tend to worry about every line I make on a page. Life drawing, with the quick one minute poses and emphasis on fluidity in the figure, has taught me to relax and this has improved my drawing greatly.

It may sound strange that one of my favourite component of each project is research. At the beginning of the year I dreaded this part of each project, but now its probably one of my favourite parts. You have the freedom to explore different animators and artists, different techniques and you get inspired.

Then we have Maya, which I am struggling with. I find it difficult and confusing. Although I can animate a decent enough bouncing ball, or three, I find modelling extremely difficult. I know I am still learning, but if I am honest it frustrates me that I can’t see myself on the same level as my peers. I wish to become better at Maya and I know that requires a lot of work and patience. Although my modelling projects that you see are simple, they’re still better than what I could do at the start of the year and I shall take pride in the fact that although it’s a small improvement, it’s still an improvement.

At the start of the year I was worried that being surrounded by so many talented and creative individuals would cause me to lose faith in my work. This was not the case, if anything I feel more motivated than ever to improve myself. Their work inspires me and others have told me that mine does the same to them and so this sense of community which our year is developing is fundamental to our success. We help each other out and support each other, we communicate and a solution is quickly found. This is where the teamwork really helps. We inspire each other with our different, and even conflicting view points, to reach original and unique ideas.

Overall, this semester has taught me a lot of things from basic communication to how to relax my drawing style. However, I do need to work a lot more on Maya and my nerves in presentations.