Final Tonal Work

I had a busy weekend, however I decided to attempt two more bigger tonal artworks before beginning to look at colour.

From looking back at the beginning thumbnails I can see that my tonal has improved, however I am also aware that it could use a lot of work, which I am happy to admit to. However, I intend to practice more with tonal in my spare time so as to improve my skill with it.

Cool tones and warm tones

The top image was a landscape drawing for Lust’s environment. I imagine that Lust are rather cold-hearted and ruthless thus leading me to believe that they’re living dome would be filled with clean cut, precise edges which is why I used cool tones.

The bottom image was a colour fountain for Gluttony. I believe that Gluttony are joyous, round, bubbly creatures and so their living area reflects this being filled with soft, round structures and warm tones.

Deciding to work on tonal instead of colour

As a team we struggled with the tonal week and so on Wednesday we had a gathering and discussed what we should do next. We all decided that we should focus on tone for another week.

I just wanted to post a brief update on what work I have done so far. I have been looking more at composition and how to use my brush markers. I am still struggling but I do feel that I am slowly improving my tonal work.

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Progress on Tonal and a new project

Unfortunately over the weekend I was ill but I contributed what I had. I found tonal to be very difficult to understand, especially when it came to landscape. In fact as a group we struggled to come to terms with tonal. However the work of my fellow team mates was phenomenal!

When it came to presenting our tonal work, we focused on the characters and how we had had made them glow, the warm tones for the more jolly characters and the cool tones for the colder characters. We were complimented for the consistency in our work in terms of style.

I had only done a few thumbnails, which weren’t very experimental, however the works of Rose, Carla and Glenn displayed great experimentation in their tonal work. We were told that experimentation is the route to go down when it comes to understanding our next assignment of colour.

Once our presentation was finished I asked my group for tips concerning colour as I know that I am the weakest in terms of this project. They gave me the great advice of not being afraid to go as dark as possible and to really explore the darker tones. I hope to explore tone more in the coming weeks.

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Character Finalization and Scenery Beginnings

Today we met and finalized the designs for the remaining four characters.

Rose‘s design of Greed stands a four heads tall, with long arms for grabbing a lot of stuff at once. A hoarder, with a lecherous grin, they think with their head and therefore glows from their head too. Adorned with trinkets, despite their height they make an intimidating creature.

My drawing of Rose’s design

Glenn‘s design of Sloth is slumped over and tired. Long arms which drag along the ground and sleepy eyes represent these creatures laziness. They glow from their stomach, as they do not exercise or physically exert themselves causing their round silhouettes. Standing at five heads tall their sleepy appearance makes them look weak and cowardly.

My drawing of Glenn’s design

Carla‘s design for Pride gains an extra head from the sheer size of their crown- I mean, crystal. Their final height is eight heads, with their skin forming a cloak, they often wield a staff in order to exert their prowess. Puffed up with Pride, their glow comes from their chest which is exposed and bright. They look down on others, yet intimidate the taller creatures from their sheer egotistical nature.

My drawing of Carla’s design

Finally my design for Envy stands at nine heads tall, with their horns giving them an extra head. Snake like and deceitful, their crystals form a head around their neck similar to that of a Cobra’s. Despite being the tallest, they belittle those around them, using brash communication and demeaning actions, therefore their glow emits from their horns as they are difficult to approach.

My Envy design

Our final silhouetted line up looks like so:


We then began to discuss how our creatures would communicate and came up with the idea of Morse code. They would blink their glows in a way to form the words and shapes of their language.


They will also absorb light through their crystals.

We decided that our planet should be dying, the sun shall be a red giant, so the light is dimmer, and too hot, which is why they live in domes. We also suggested that the world have a lower gravity field. It is small and hollow thus there would not be much gravity anyway.

We decided that over the weekend we shall explore landscapes and composition. Some of the artists and other items that we suggested to each other to look at, not only for landscape ideas but for tonal as well:

Steven Universe (backgrounds), Gurren Lagan (Underground), Roger Dean, Limbo, Matt Nava, Niken Anindita, The Lord of the Rings, Atey Ghailan, Seth Engstrom, Mirror Mask, Bioshock, The Rendezvous, Sleep Dealer (Nozomi Hope), The Tale of Three Brothers, Ico and light box art.

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A New Team and a New View

Today started a new day where I had to explain and introduce Light World to a new team. My new team consists of Rose, Carla and Glenn.

Due to having an underdeveloped world, in terms of landscapes and still needing four more character designs I struggled a little with explaining the world. However, my team grew to understand through my use of my sketchbook and the notes I had made the previous week.

Our task this week is tonal work. We are to explore tone and composition using white, black and three mid tones. The advice that we were given that really stood out to me was, knowing when things are hard or soft, using warm and cool tones as separate levels, how to show the light source of your world,  and to think about how the image and lighting that you are using bring life to your world.

Since, we needed to develop the world’s story through characters, we decided to each choose one of the remaining sins and design a character for it in a similar style to each other, using the shape guidelines set out by the previous group and myself. Glenn choose Sloth, Carla choose Pride, Rose choose Greed and I choose Envy. We shall meet again on Thursday to start discussing scenery and begin tonal exploration.

Basic shapes