Floating City: Portfolio

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Video of progress:

Credit to Molly for putting this together.

Final City

This is our final presentation:

Credits to Nuala for animating the sequence in After Effects, to Molly for editing it and adding the statistics and to Viola for the glitch effect.

Here are some progress shots from our time working on the project:

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And some renders of the final city: Belsfaria

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Credit to Nuala and Molly for the rendered shots.

Idea behind the city:
Inspired by Bioshock Infinite, it follows along the lines of segregation and discrimination which was and can still be visible in Belfast today. We had a city that on the surface, looks ideal with the perfected vision of how civilisation should present itself, but as we delve into its implicit meanings, all isn’t what it seems. For example, the large eye in the centre of the dome is a method of surveillance on the city for the corrupted government. Residents must live and act a certain way in accordance to a set of rules the government has set as to not be imprisoned in the other, less pleasant, half of the city below. With a more dystonia approach on the Titanic quarter, we had the idea of making it resemble a prison for those who were banished from the idealistic top half, for committing crimes or opposing the government. Fitting in along the lines of discrimination, civilians who do not follow the status quo are also segregated and isolated from the upper society, for example if you look and act in a way that is not uniform to the government.
(Credit to Nuala for typing the idea out)

Taken from Molly’s blog.

Overall Feedback and Feelings on the city:

If I’m honest I feel like I should have done more, I feel like I should’ve pushed myself into more roles and pushed myself harder. Instead of giving 100% I should’ve given 200%, but I’m more determined than ever to prove myself. Overall I am happy with our city, I’m glad that I can see how the statistics influnced our city, as well as how you can see everyone’s influences and ideas in how the city finally turned out. Feedback from the class was good, they loved our colours and the whole vapourwave tone we were going for. I loved my team for this project, we all did  our best and the final product shows our effeorts, however I think the genreal consensus is that we would’ve liked more time so we could’ve refined a few things and made even more buildings.

Our presenatation can be found here!

The rest of my team are Nuala, Molly and Viola!

Floating City: Presentation

With the city having been rendered and Molly putting together a video for our presentation, we all worked on separate slides on our presentation. Adding bits of photography, or interesting facts and pictures to each others slides. Using notes to explain to the rest of the team the slides.

My slides were the history and archetecture of Belfast so I decided to dump the majority of my research here:

  • Belfast from Irish ‘Béal Feirste’ meaning ‘Rivermouth of the sandbanks’.
  • Granted city status in 1888 by Queen Victoria.
  • 1901, Belfast was the largest city in Ireland.
  • Belfast’s nickname, Linenpolis, came abiut after becoming the world’s fastest linen-producing area.
  • Latin motto ”Pro tanto quid retribuamus”, means ”For so much what shall we repay”.
  • Belfast has been occupied since the Bronze Age. The 5000 year old henge is located near Belfast and an Iron Age hill fort ruins are nearby.
  • Small settlement in the middle ages, played a a large part in the Industrial Revolution.
  • An ideal location for the shipbuilding industry, Harkand and Wolff, who built the Titanic.
  • The Belfast ‘Good Friday Agreement” of 1998 was seen as the end of ”The Troubles”.
  • Original settlement of Belfast was little more than a village based aound the marshy ford where the River Lagan met the River Forset, where High Street meets Victoria Street.
  • Stle Carrickfergus’ trade in 1640 thanks to Thomas Westworth.


  • Georgian to state of the art bulidings.
  • None of Belfast’s original buildings are still standing.
  • Georgian- Clitlon House, Exchange and Assembly Rooms
  • Victorian- Botanic Gardens Palm House, Lanyon Building, The Headline Building.
  • Edwardian- City Hall, Waterfront Hall
  • 21st Century- Victoria Square, The Titanic Quarter
  • The Lyric Theatre and The MAC are “two of the most stunning new British building of the century” and “startlingly inane”.

Victoria Square:

  • On 24th November 2013 a carbomb detonated outside of V.S. Carpark at 11:15pm. No injuries.
  • Over 6,000 jobs created, with 17.2 million people visiting per year.

The Titanic Quarter:

  • Built on Queen’s Island, on land reclaimed from the water in mid-19th century, however the decline of ship building had left the land derelict.
  • The building’s design is intended to relfect Belfast’s history of ship building and the legacy left behind by Harland and Wolfe.
  • Recalling ships ‘prows’, its main ‘prow’ is angled down he midde of the Titanic and Olympic slipways.
  • Nickenamed ”The Iceberg”.
  • 807,340 visitors in its first year.
  • Stands at 126 feet tall,same as the Titanic’s hull.

Samson and Goliath:

  • Largest free standingcranes in the world.
  • They are official historical monuments.

City Hall:

  • Originally known as the ”White Linen Hall”.
  • After the flag facade, Loyalist and Unionists attempted to storm City Hall.
  • Constructon began in 1888.

Waterfront Hall:

  • Generates £10 for every £1 of operational costs.
  • Hosts many important events every year.

Albert Clock:

  • Erected in 1865 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert.
  • It stands at 113ft.
  • It leans due to an unstable foundation.

Floating City: Camera

Whilst I had been finishing models and stuff Nuala and Molly had been hard at work adding the assets we’d all created to the final scene.

Whenever this scene was finished, Molly passed the scene to me and asked me to draw a camera path using the curve tool and the aim tool.

I did this successfully, however it was a little jerky and so I passed the scene back to Molly so she could touch up the camera path and prepare the scene for rendering.

Floating City: City Hall Porch

Whilst I tried to get the complete city hall done, on top of the other work I had, I just didn’t have time unfortunately. However, the porch which I did have done was impressive enough that I wished to include it in our final model.

Porch render
My Porch

It was quite detailed, I didn’t manage to get every detail, but I was extremely proud of it and it was such a shame I failed at every attempt to make the actual city hall. However, I plan to actually make it when I have the time. I’m still learning after all.

I wished to include the City Hall because after Belfast became the main trading capital of Northern Ireland (sorry Carrickfergus) and after the Lienen Exchange what was orginally called the ‘White Linen Hall’ became City Hall, a polictical building. And since the polictical history in Northern Ireland and Belfast is such a key part in our development I felt it was important.

Floating City: Waterfront Hall

I needed help with the Waterfront Hall, which is why it wasn’t finished until now. I needed help getting the windows to curve around the building itself, which Alec very kindly taught me how to do using the curve tool.

Wterfront render
My Waterfront Hall

Although simple, I was extremely proud of this model, I think it looks slick and attractive. I would’ve liked to add more details, but I am very happy with this model.

The waterfront hall is important to Belfast’s economy, generating £10 for every £1 of operational costs and hosts many major events.

Floating City: Albert Clock

Whilst I was working on two other models I decided to quickly model Albert Clock as I would consider it a very aesthetic piece of archtecture. Once again, my models are rather simple, however I am still proud of it.

Albert render
My Albert Clock

I wanted to include it as there was a very interesting peice of trivia behind it; it leans slightly. Due to unstable ground underneath the clock the clock used to lean more extremely than it does today, however this was corrected slightly by a foundation being added beneath the structure that was erected in 1865 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert. But the 113ft strcture still leans slightly, even with the foundation.

Once again, if I had more time I would’ve liked to add more details, but  I wanted an extra model to include.

Floating City: Vapourwave


is a microgenre of electronic music and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. The style typically features a fascination with music from the 1980s and 1990s such as lounge music, smooth jazz, R&B, and elevator music, that is sampled or manipulated via chopped and screwed techniques and other effects. The subculture associated with vaporwave sets out to satirize consumer capitalism and popular culture and tends to be characterized by a nostalgic or surrealist engagement with the popular entertainment, technology and advertising of the 1980s and 1990s. It also incorporates early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch art, and cyberpunk tropes.

Vapourwave and pastel colours heavily inspired the look of our city. With its cyberpunk aesthetic and early internet imagery. The internet social media site, tumblr, is particularly intrigued with Vapourwave with many blogs and bloggers dediacting their blogs to the craze.

I shall link a few blogs that contain Vapourwave imagery below, however if you wish to check out more about the colour scheme take a gander at Nuala’s blog.





An example of Vapourwave music, personally not my type of music, but the visual aesthetic is nice.

Floating City: Samson and Goliath

Today I finished my model of Samson and Goliath. I will admit that its quite simple, however I will also admit that I’m not great at Maya and I am extremely proud of this simple yet pretty model.

Sammy Render
My Crane

I wanted to include the cranes becase they are a stable in Belfast. They are the largest free standing cranes in the world and I also feel that they pay tribute to the legacy left behind by Harland and Wolfe.

If I had more time for this project I probably would’ve added more details and made the crane actually work, but the deadline was so tight I didn’t have time.