Flaoting City: Further Concept Ideas

Molly had the brilliant idea of drawing what it would be like to walk inside our city and look around our city.

Here is my attempt:

Floating City0001
Inside the City

You can check out MollyNuala and Viola’s art on their blogs.

Floating City: Final Idea Change

Earlier in the week there was a slight change in our final design.

Basically we decided to switch out the tentacles for engines on four sides of the dome. This was that we could tie in the power statistics we had researched.

The engines were designed and modelled by Molly, and Nuala did new concept art to include them.

As did I.

Floating City0002

Floating City: Albert Clock

Whilst I was working on two other models I decided to quickly model Albert Clock as I would consider it a very aesthetic piece of archtecture. Once again, my models are rather simple, however I am still proud of it.

Albert render
My Albert Clock

I wanted to include it as there was a very interesting peice of trivia behind it; it leans slightly. Due to unstable ground underneath the clock the clock used to lean more extremely than it does today, however this was corrected slightly by a foundation being added beneath the structure that was erected in 1865 to commemorate Queen Victoria’s consort, Prince Albert. But the 113ft strcture still leans slightly, even with the foundation.

Once again, if I had more time I would’ve liked to add more details, but  I wanted an extra model to include.

Floating City: Vapourwave


is a microgenre of electronic music and an Internet meme that emerged in the early 2010s. The style typically features a fascination with music from the 1980s and 1990s such as lounge music, smooth jazz, R&B, and elevator music, that is sampled or manipulated via chopped and screwed techniques and other effects. The subculture associated with vaporwave sets out to satirize consumer capitalism and popular culture and tends to be characterized by a nostalgic or surrealist engagement with the popular entertainment, technology and advertising of the 1980s and 1990s. It also incorporates early Internet imagery, late 1990s web design, glitch art, and cyberpunk tropes.

Vapourwave and pastel colours heavily inspired the look of our city. With its cyberpunk aesthetic and early internet imagery. The internet social media site, tumblr, is particularly intrigued with Vapourwave with many blogs and bloggers dediacting their blogs to the craze.

I shall link a few blogs that contain Vapourwave imagery below, however if you wish to check out more about the colour scheme take a gander at Nuala’s blog.





An example of Vapourwave music, personally not my type of music, but the visual aesthetic is nice.

Floating City: Samson and Goliath

Today I finished my model of Samson and Goliath. I will admit that its quite simple, however I will also admit that I’m not great at Maya and I am extremely proud of this simple yet pretty model.

Sammy Render
My Crane

I wanted to include the cranes becase they are a stable in Belfast. They are the largest free standing cranes in the world and I also feel that they pay tribute to the legacy left behind by Harland and Wolfe.

If I had more time for this project I probably would’ve added more details and made the crane actually work, but the deadline was so tight I didn’t have time.

Floating City: Experiment 2

I was also looking into creating windows, I just used this tutorial for the windows though.

I also needed a lot of help to understand this which is where Nuala was kind enough to teach me.


At this point Arnold somehow disappeared from my Maya so I couldn’t render it. I’m not sure how useful this’ll be but its important to have nder my belt!

Floating City: Experiments

Because I am still very unstable with Maya I wanted to practice before I went straight into modelling. And since there are so many buildings with big windows in Blefast I decided to follow a tutorial based around big windows.

Experiment villa

I was just playing around with the concept of creating a glass surface and big windows, overall it was a very useful experience, and even if we don’t use it in the final model I’m glad I attempted it.

Floating City: Final Idea

Our final idea for the city looks like this:

First Final Idea

So the basic idea is that the Titanic Quarter is a prison. The under side of the city reflects everything that is bad, the corruption takes the form of a monster which is bursting out of the protective dome the city has created around itself. (The prison was my idea). The dome was Nuala’s idea. Viola came up with the idea of the tentacles, physically showing the corruption as a sentient being which is awesome! Molly came up woth the idea of having the Beacon of Hope hold up an eye which monitors the peaceful side of the city, so although the top of the city looks like its safe and good, its really just as corrupt as the under side, if not more so because its managing to hide its corruption.

You can see Molly, Nuala and Viola’s take on the design on their blogs.

Floating City: Influences

I have designed my concepts, and I showed them to my group. I shalll make a post about them later but first I wished to show off my infuences.

Floating Cities in Real Life

There was an incident a few years ago where a floating city apparenty appeared above China.

There are also plans for the world’s first ever floating city to be built in the Pacific Ocean.


There is also Delos in Greece. It is the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis in Greek Mythology and was commmonly referred to as a floating city/Island.


There are also the floating mountains in China found in Zhangjiajie National Forest Park. The tall steep mountains are so tall and steep that from above they appear to not reach the ground, creating the illusion of floating.


Media: Tv Shows, Films, Etc.

We looked breifly at Cloud City from Satr Wars.

Cloud City

The Windmill island from ‘Feel Good Inc.’ by Gorillaz.

I also took inspiration from their video ‘Melancholy Hill’, with the whole submarine idea. However, it did originate from a video game which I will include later.

You can see the inspiration that James Cameron took for Pandora’s floating mountains in Avatar from China’s very own floating mountians.

Avatar: Pandora

There was also the floating city of population of Venus from the anime ‘Cow Boy Bebop’.


Wall-E was a massive floating ship, which we briefly considered.


There was also the inevitable influence of Laputa, from Studio Ghibli’s ‘Laputa: Castle in the Sky’.


Video Games

This was my favourite segment as I love video games.

We looked briefly at the concept of Gravity Rush, with the massove gravity storm crushing the world, and the gravatational field being manipulated to hold together civilistaions.

Gravity Rush

I really liked the idea of Cocoon form Final Fantasy 13. I liked ho the world was contained within this crystalised shell floating bove the rest of the planet. Like a moon. But I also loved the story behind Cocoon. How it was destroying itself from the inside.


Another concept which I really loved was the concept of Dalaran from World of Warcraft. I love how it was obviously built on a massive hunk of floating rock, and you can see the roughness underneath the pristine city.


Another floating city which I adore is the city of ‘Skyloft’ from ‘Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword’. I just adore its aesthetic.



Roger Dean

Stumbling across Roger Dean’s work last semester was a blessing. His work is just so unique and etereal. His landscapes are filled with unusual shapes as well as floating islands and mountains. He is best known for his album covers, however his work has gone on to inspire countless film makers, artists and students, as well as show them the importance of always carrying a sketchbook. I just love how original and eyecatching his work is. No two pieces are the same and extremely interesting and serene to look at.

ROger Dean


Naohisa Inoue

I found Naohisa Inoue thorugh Molly, however I had no idea exactly how in love he is with his fantastical world of Iblard. Now, I haven’t watched the film yet, but  I am going to after seeing Mr Inoue’s work. He is a critically acclaimed artist. His love for his world and exactly how its influenced, how you can get into Iblard and what influences his world are put together in this amazing article. What I like about his work is how cose to home it feels. Even though everything is floating, life still appears to be continuing as normal. You can still see the archetecture that we know from our own world in his world, and its amazing how normal, yet other wordly it feels. Also his use of colours is phenomenal.

Naohisa Inoue 2

Naohisa Inoue


Floating City: Concepts

These are my concepts for the floating city.

Floating City0003

These are two of my ideas which I shall explain.

Top Idea

So I had an image of a very post apocalyptic world which is a running theme throughout all of my ideas. Basically Earth has been destroyed, and Belfast broke apart on a massive hunk of rock. Using remaining archtecture,  Belfast rebuilds itself. So in my top idea the Titanic Quarter takes centre stage, however it is broken, and so its connected to a broken Albert Clock by the glass bridges in Victoria Square. Its power source is a massive source of energy which is kept contained using the dome from Victoria Square. Not many people would be able to  live here. But I was inspired by the works of Dalaran and Skyloft, with them sitting on a huge hunk of rock.

Bottom Idea

My bottom idea was inspired by the Gorillaz music video for ‘Up on Melancholy Hill’, but also a game called ‘We Need to Go Deeper’, which you can see being played by a youtuber named Jacksepticeye below:

(Yes I am embrassed to include this but it was what I was watching whilst designing concepts and it influenced me.)

Basically the idea is that its no longer pheasable to live on land and so Belfast takes to the waters in a massive submarine inspired by the Fish sculpture near the Odessey Areana.

belfast big fish sculpture

The lowest level acts like a basement, full of reserves of food, maybe a few cars, but its mainly storage. The 3rd level is the slums, its cramped, little health care, next to no light, poverty ridden, it just isn’t a nice place to live. The 2nd level is middle class a bit more spacious, better health care, better pay, a fairly decent life. The first level belongs to the politicians, high class, lots of space, top class health care, well fed, basically the dream, however its corrupt. They do not care for the lower levels, even though that’s their jobs. The top level, inside the Victoria Square inspired dome is the oxygen supply, its where they keep lifestock and grow their food and self sustain oxygen. The entirity of the outside of the fish is covered in sola panels which provides the fish with power. Their is a lift mechanism made out of the remainder of one of the Harland and Wolfe cranes. I felt like it was impotant to [ay hommage to the legacy they left behind.

Floating City0004

The next idea was spawned from a bubble idea, where the world’s were basically contained in a bubble. One bubble was filled with the good people and one bubble was filled with the bad people. The influence from the archtecture of Belfast is still there, but honestly I do not feel the love for this design.

Floating City0005

Top Idea

The top idea is very simple, the symbol of hope is brought to life by a giant Nuclear war. She builds a dome around the remaining citizens and what’s left of Belfast and protects them from harm as they float in the remainder of Earth’s atmosphere.

Bottom Idea

I just wanted to do something with Albert Clock, honestly its a beautiful piece of archtecture and broken towers are so aesthetically pleasing.

You can see concepts from the rest of my group here!





More Satistics

I was directed towards this pdf file for more statistics. Molly also had a really good article on her blog.


  • Employment has been on the rise in Northern Ireland since 2008, with the employment rate sitting at 67.1% in 2013.
  • However, Belfast itself only has a 56.4% average employment rate, and is constantly flutating.
  • The unempoyment rate of Belfast was 6.2% in 2013, however the long-term unemployment rate was only 3.2%.
  • 17.1% of 16-24 year olds were not in training, educatio or employment in 2013

However, although useful these were not sme the mian statistics we needed.


  • The poverty rate in Northern Ireland in 2013/14 was 21%.
  • And the child poverty rate was 23%
  • However, child poverty rates have been steadily declining.
  • Relative poverty rates are higher in rural areas of NI.


  • The level of people leaving school without GCSEs is rising, and by extensin so are the number of people leaving without A levels.
  • However 79% f students still manage to achieve 5 GCSEs or more.
  • 17% of adults have no formal qualifications,
  • 22% of P7 pupils said the had being physically or verbally bullied, 13% said that they had fallen victim to cyber bullying.


  • 1.7% of households were overcrowded.
  • 11% of homes didn’t meet the decent living standards though.
  • 42% of homes are in fuel poverty.


  • The life expectancy in males is 78 and for females it is 82.
  • The premature mortality rate for males is 212 and for females it is 142.
  • The infant mortality rate is 4.8%.
  • 5% of P1 students are obese.
  • 934 young people are awaiting their first mental health appointment.
  • 21,303 dental extractions were performed on under 18’s in 2015.


  • Drugs (73%), alcohol (59%) and a lack of discipline from parents (53%) were the three factors most commonly identified by NICS 2015/16 respondents as major causes of crime in Northern Ireland today. When asked which single factor they considered to be the main cause of crime, the most common responses, cited by 33% and 18% of respondents respectively, were drugs and a lack of discipline from parents.
  • Only 10% of the population fearbeing the victim of a crime.
  • 73% said that ‘fear of crime’ had a minimal effect of their life.

The PDFS which I recieved mos of my information are listed below:

Quick Concepts and Team Meetings

Over the weekend, my team decided to go off and come up with some inital ideas for concepts based on the statistics we’d researched and the ideas which we had thrown up on the board.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

However, it was very clear that we needed to look at more artists before we decided on any final concepts. I was also pointed towards another source of statistics in order to help my research and concepts.

However, Viola had a very advanced idea which you can read about here.

I’m going to do a bit more research, and flesh out my ideas more.